Drive Your Business To New Heights With Our Optimized Online Inventory System Are you looking for the right software that is capable of real time stock monitoring and automated reordering? Online inventory software from ezdatasoftware can help your business grow by keeping track of every item or stock. With the right software, you can manage stock optimally, fulfill orders on time and control your inventory efficiently. Boost Business Growth With Ezdatasoftware Online Inventory Management Improving sales is best done when you have efficient inventory management. Use our multiple channel system for managing inventory. You can integrate the software with your account on Shopify, eBay, and Amazon and begin selling your products. Managing online and offline orders are easy with our smart order management process that helps create: Backorders Drop shipments Purchase orders and more in a single inventory system Comprehensive Tracking You can track each and every batch or item in your inventory and hence have more control over product expiry. You can accomplish other crucial tasks such as Perform shipping integrations to have real time details in transit and rates of the shipping carriers, so you can select the right shipping partner Perform CRM integration to synchronize all orders, contact and assist you in managing all your financial information effortlessly Manage the stock in your warehouse, control transfer between warehouses and generate any report on a particular warehouse in seconds. Efficiently organize sales leads, customers, invoices, estimates, suppliers, purchase orders, etc., with the easy to use software. Our Salient Online Inventory Management Features Meticulous tracking of all inventories Create web based reports of inventory management Perform physical inventory online Categorize inventory into finished goods, WIP and raw materials Maintain standard cost of inventory Why Your Business Needs Our Online Inventory Management System Expertise The benefits you gain from our online inventory management software are aplenty. Well-Timed Control Of Your Inventory You will be able to make informed real time decisions on the inventory with our online inventory system. It allows easy data access via any type of digital devices including tablets, desktop, mobile devices, and Smartphone. Seamlessly Control All Business Tools With our efficient inventory software, you can track the inventory while using any other business application at the same time. Thus you can continue having an uninterrupted workflow and access all business applications under a single environment. Instant Tracking Contrary to on premise management solutions, our online inventory management does not need any deployments. You need to just set up a user ID and password, login and being collecting and keep track of inventory information. Want to boost sales, increase customers and get a higher ROI? Contact us now to get the easiest to use online inventory management tool that does not need installation hassle. Get in touch with us now and get started in a few seconds.